SO much to celebrate!

Hi, hope you are all doing very good! This past week was VERY exciting for my family and I!! There were lots of good news… first of all I’m already on vacations,  S graduated from University; she also was accepted at Parsons in NY,  Sha didn’t go to school much (so she was very happy), I got … Continue reading

Home sweet home!

After two relaxing weeks with my family; I’m back to reality, Mexico City! The first week we went to Cancun, and let me tell you that even though I’ve been going to Cancun since I was a baby It was my first time visiting Tulum; it was amazing not only the mayan ruins but also … Continue reading


Hello! I know it has been a long time since the first-last time I wrote… and let me tell you I’m happier than that day, first; I already found the perfect  place to do my internship it’s called LA GOULUE, it’s a french restaurant in miami, I’m sure you’ll love it too! and last but … Continue reading

apples for dessert?

Yes ! ! ! On friday afternoon Eli and I decided to make the dessert for shabbat dinner . . .  [ APPLES + CARAMEL + MILK CHOCOLATE + OUR FAVORITE CANDIES ] we did two apples each, my first one had MARSHMALLOWS + SEMISWEET CHOCO-CHIPS + MARS + CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS + SWEETENED SHREDDED … Continue reading